Casting and processing of aluminum castings under high pressure



METAL PRESTO LTD. – A company with more than 16 years of experience with casting of aluminum and zinc alloy castings under high pressure.

Due to the exceptional pricing policy, quality, correct service and a rich nomenclature of details, the company has gained stable positions on the Bulgarian and European markets. Thanks to its many years of experience and well-trained staff, the company has established itself as one of the industry leaders in Bulgaria.

Aluminum Castings

The technology of production of the parts is mainly by injection of a molten aluminum alloy and zinc alloys.

Instrumental Equipment

Metal Presto Ltd. performs complete engineering activity in the field of construction and production of tooling equipment.

Aluminum Alloys

The aluminum alloy has been manufactured to meet all the requirements of the aluminum alloy casting standards.


The main injection molding process consists of injection of a high-pressure molten aluminum alloy into a steel die, called a die or matrix. Casting machines are selected according to the parameters of the workpiece. Our company has machines with a closing effort from 250 tons to 630 tons.

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19 years experience in metal casting

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