The main injection molding process consists of injection of a high-pressure molten aluminum alloy into a steel die, called a die or matrix. Casting machines are selected according to the parameters of the work piece. Our company has machines with a closing effort from 250 tons to 630 tons.

The main advantages of the pressure casting are: very high casting quality (the pressure ensures good metal filling of the die, therefore the resulting castings have a clean and smooth surface, and excellent dimensional accuracy, from the quick cooling structure to the fine grain, which leads to increased mechanical properties), it is possible to produce castings with a responsible purpose with thin walls and a complex configuration, the process is with high productivity, the working conditions are improved due to lack of of molding mixtures.

At the same time, high pressure casting is a sophisticated process requiring good knowledge of alloy metallurgy, casting technology, molds and mechanics in the operation of tooling and machinery.

Our company also has an active vacuum casting system, a process where the vacuum system sucks the air into the die cavity and thus prevents the formation of burrs in the workpiece. In this process, the percentage of bullets in the casting is NULL! This system can be integrated with almost all dies, and of course it makes it slightly more expensive to make the instrumental equipment itself, as well as to make the individual castings. This system allows the production of many responsible castings meeting the highest technological requirements commonly used in the refrigeration, automotive and aviation industry.