Aluminum Castings

Our company accepts and executes orders with the tooling of the customer. We can cast any aluminum castings as long as it is technically possible. The weight of the castings can range from 0.010 kg to 15 kg.

The technology of production of the parts is mainly by injection of a molten aluminum alloy under high pressure into a steel mold, called a mold or matrix of aluminum and zinc alloys, which are accompanied by a certificate of quality and origin of the materials. The technical equipment of the company allows the casting of details of all types of aluminum and zinc alloys. Casting machines are selected according to the parameters of the work piece. Our company has machines with a closing effort from 250 tons to 630 tons.

Our company can also offer mechanical machining of the parts. This includes cleaning and machining of parts, cleaning parts with jet bits, grinding with vibrating grinding wheels, turning, milling and grinding of parts.